We are Wild about
Maine Blueberries!

Our family's unique blend of spices, wild Maine blueberries and other local fruits inspired us to create our specialty line of mouth puckering, sweet tasting, fire breathing BBQ sauces. We are sure you will enjoy our creations on beef, chicken, pork, fish and also as a chip dip or a tasty treat with your favorite foods.

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Made in Maine

The Kennebunkport Sauce Company is exited to offer our specialty gourmet line of three Wild Maine Blueberry BBQ Sauces Wild Maine Blueberry Chipotle, Wild Maine Blueberry Apple, Wild Maine Blueberry Apple Habanero along with Wild Maine Blueberry Hot Sauce, all are not only delicious but also nutritious, memory boosting, gluten free brain foods that contain Mother Natures leading antioxidant.

The Kennebunkport Sauce Company has some new savory sauces:

• Wild Maine Blueberry Carmelized
Onion Rosemary Chutney
• Wild Maine Blueberry Roasted Cranberry Chutney

Kennebunkport Sauce Co

Kennebunkport Sauce Co

Kennebunkport Sauce Co
Kennebunkport Sauce Co, Wild Blueberries